What does your transcription employee really cost you?
Consider you cost to the government, including taxes and worker’s compensation. Think about your administrative cost, supervision, health, insurance, and office space.

The overwhelming cost of labor, government compliance, equipment and personnel administration has caused transcription costs to skyrocket in recent years. The cost of a page typed in-house ranges from $6.50 to $9.40. Compare that to our low costs!

Our Solution
Digitizing, archiving and transcription of all kinds can now be done 24 hours a day by our revolutionary “virtual office” at a small portion of what it costs any company to do it in-house.

Modem technology allows you to remove this burdensome, skill-intensive and monotonous work from in-house employees, who can be reassigned to much more productive tasks.

Turnaround time is improved, quality is improved, employee morale is improved, and costs are dramatically reduced!

Our exclusive “E-Text” product requires very little on-site equipment and is as easy as accessing the internet or making a telephone call. You will have at your fingertips an Information Services Department that would be the envy of any large corporation.

Don’t wait! Get started today. It’s as easy as dialing the phone!

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