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The “Big Case”

For some attorneys and litigants, it’s one case in a lifetime. For others, it’s next on the docket. That case defines itself by its complexity, importance, magnitude and dollar amount.

That case requires the best legal, professional and support services available.

At Runfola Reporters, we have the technology, the expertise, and the know-how to handle court reporting assignments for the most demanding cases, anywhere in the world.

Testimony and Transcripts at Your Fingertips
A case of this proportion requires technological know-how beyond what is routinely available. Runfola Reporters was one of the first companies to fully computerize. We remain at the leading edge of the court reporting industry, and we are uniquely qualified to handle those “special need” situations that arise in complex litigation:

  • Attorneys can have instant access to testimony via computer at the counsel table. This allows for immediate retrieval, study and correlation with earlier testimony.
  • We can also intercommunicate testimony to an associate or expert across the street or across the country.
  • We can make transcripts available at any point as the litigation progresses.
  • With our “Private Record,” you can gain advantage in preparing witnesses and experts as the trial progresses.
  • Repository & database

Expert Management and Technological Conveniences
Litigation Support Management:
All reporting and litigation support services that we provide in the “Big Case” setting are managed by our founder, Thomas F. Runfola, a nationally-recognized court reporting expert with more than thirty years experience in the profession.

Networking and Litigation Support through Real-Time Translation:
We offer instant access to a variety of information sources combining traditional real-time translation service with:

  • Searching
  • Issue Coding
  • Automatic Summarization
  • Annotation of Testimony
  • Accessing Prior Testimony
  • Retrieving Specific Portions of Testimony on Video
  • Displaying and Annotating Exhibits Electronically

We offer all this without interrupting the current proceeding. You may also access legal research databases such as LEXIS and Westlaw or run your favorite program on the same computer.

Video Synchronization of Transcripts:
Our video synchronization technology provides for instant search capabilities of the litigation support system on videotape.
Search the transcript and mark portions of the text for review. Watch as the program automatically locates and plays the selected testimony on the video even excerpting desired portions to another videotape for review or playback.